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Friday, June 18, 2004

Rather more mundane than the Hitchcock version

Just read that vertigo gets more common as you get into your early twenties. *looks around* Yep, judging by the ages of the people here, you're just moving into your vulnerable years. (I know you're here because you made fun of me for getting stuck in the elevator when you read about it, you RL lurkers you.) So as soon as I finish accidentally pushing my fan off the bookshelf and into the wall (ouch) I'll be a nice friend and gather information for you.

It's not caused by video games, you'll be relieved to know. Vertigo can cause anxiety... but not the other way around. Actually, the people at the Virtual Hospital link above say "vertigo causes extreme anxiety in most people." This is no doubt not unrelated to the fact that you feel like you're about to pitch down the stairs, even when the nearest stairs are out two locked doors.
And here's some information on benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), the most common kind. 20% of dizziness is caused by BPPV. No data on what percentage of dizziness is caused by drinking. (Grant money. Get someone grant money. The people need to know.)

This source notes that BPPV is caused by "ear rocks." Ear rocks. I love that. The ear rocks are also known as otoconia, and they're composed of calcium carbonate. I could do without anything extra in my ears, but if it has to be something, at least it's a nice rock, a rock I approve of. Can't make limestone and marble without calcite. Although I suppose now the next time someone tells me I have rocks in my head they'll be correct.

So what's the experience like? I personally would describe it as being rather like being on a boat, only without the boat. At least I don't really get motion sick. (If anyone who was with me on the ship last summer is reading this, I promise, that wasn't normal. Really. Really... do you have any Qwells?)