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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Back from the shades

Today was spent driving through rolling mountains. The sky was grey, and the world was covered with smoke and mists. The hillsides looked like the ghosts of forests, with the branches reaching for the sky like the spectres of the trees.

My voice has come back, but only partially, in that I now have the bottom two notes of my register but nothing else. (I sound hillarious trying to sing. Most of the notes disappear.) It's strange -- without the higher register, most of the innocent/appreciative/inquisitive tones I used aren't available, and I sound gruff and practical. It's been unexpectedly difficult to deal with, as for various reasons I need to be able to sound like something other than what I am. I didn't realize that losing the higher notes would mean losing so much of the information I can convey with my voice.